Passengers must keep their tickets throughout the journey, both outward and return.

You can purchase your tickets the day before your departure.

We accept payment in cash or by credit card.
The Transpass card is not valid on our service.
Frioul If Express is in parternship with the City Pass Marseille

Tickets online

One island only:
Vieux Port – Island of Frioul OR Vieux Port – Island of If 
Round trip : 10,80€
Family round trip : 8,10€

Combined trip:
Vieux Port – Island of If and Island of Frioul
Combined round trip : 16,20€
Family Combined round trip : 12,10€

One way
Outbound or return: 5,60€



Children under 4 go free. Pick up your free ticket at the desk. However, groups of children without their families (e.g. school outings) must be paid for.

A family ticket applies for families of four or more including at least one child aged between 4 and 12.


Entrance to the island is charged extra. You can buy your ticket on arrival at If :
Adults: 6,00€
Reduce Price : 5, 00€
For European people under 26s: Free